dow stands by the safety of insecticide which can harm the brains of fetuses

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​IN MY DOTAGE, I find my­self con­stantly (if merely mildly) con­ster­nated by the goings-on of my fellow hu­mans. When con­fronted by their (pos­sibly insecticide-inspired) shenani­gans and the fact that so many ap­pear per­ma­nently stuck in auto-destruct mode, to soothe my trou­bled mind I often reach for the 1979 movie Life Of Brian. READ MORE

get ready, antifa-sters, ’cause the boogeyman is comin’ to getcha

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TRIED-AND-TRUE TACTICS of the main­stream media in ‘re­porting the news’ so that it fits the ‘party line’ in­clude false equiv­a­lency, ‘bal­anced’ re­porting, and se­lecting ev­i­dence that sup­ports an of­fi­cial po­si­tion are busy as you read this! In fact, the cor­po­rate media is “busy cre­ating a left-wing ‘threat’ to bal­ance out the awful, racist, rightwing hordes who threaten civil so­ciety” against the antifa-sters!