it’s an urban myth that husbands never listen to their wives

NicoleKidman red hair 1900

I DON’T SPEND MUCH TIME on Face­book or the other so­cial media plat­forms. I use them to call at­ten­tion to my three web­sites (and soon to be four). Since I spend most of my time writing thises and thats for those sites, I rarely visit the Face­book pages of my Face­book friends.

Some­times I feel guilty about this—you know, being so goram self-absorbed, seeming like I never pay at­ten­tion or never listen to anyone—so oc­ca­sion­ally I take time and visit a friend’s page and make a bunch of com­ments. READ MORE

how I almost made it with nicole kidman

DropBear trees vicious 1500

FELLOW ROCK & ROLL FAN Steve Adams posted an image on my Face­book page of an Aus­tralian predator. It brought back mem­o­ries that I had long sup­pressed of an event that in­volves three in­hab­i­tants of Aus­tralia: the Mamu, an an­cient spooky thing from the deserts of Down Under; the drop bear, a leg­en­darily fe­ro­cious critter that preys on un­wit­ting tourists; and the ex­tra­or­di­narily lovely ac­tress Nicole Kidman. READ MORE