want to find “Q”? find the missing basement …

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WHERE THE HECK IS “Q”?!!? Since the demise of 8chan in Au­gust 2019 due to its being linked to acts of vi­o­lence (in­cluding the gunman who killed at least 49 people at mosques in New Zealand), the supderduper anony­mous “Q” has been silent. While the loss of the no­to­rious so­cial media platform—effectively a vir­tual home for Q and his/her/their followers—has forced those fol­lowers to other sites, little has been heard from Q his/her/their self (selves?) READ MORE

an experiment that actually curbed hate speech on the internet

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I HATE BULLIES and I see internet trolls as bul­lies. So I hate in­ternet trolls. But aside from Face­book, where I can keep them curbed by ex­cluding them from my com­ment thread, I have little in­ter­ac­tion on so­cial media plat­forms on the in­ternet. Con­se­quently, I have little in­ter­ac­tion with bul­lies and trolls on the in­ternet. READ MORE

trolls are leaving forests and bridges for the internet

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TROLLS ARE EVERYWHERE! It wasn’t al­ways this way. Once upon a time, trolls dwelled in Scan­di­na­vian folk tales, crea­tures hos­tile to all things human. But now trolls are every­where! They’re leaving forests and bridges and the rocks and trees of the Old World to dwell in the cy­berci­ties that en­circle the globe. READ MORE

sadism! psychopathy! machiavellianism! and trolling?

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THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS were taken from an ar­ticle ti­tled “The One Psy­cho­log­ical Char­ac­ter­istic That On­line Trolls Tend to Share.” It’s an in­ter­esting look at what trolling has be­come, and most of the find­ings fit my ob­ser­va­tions of and ex­pe­ri­ences with per­sis­tent (com­pul­sive?) trolls on so­cial and news-oriented web­sites. READ MORE

what about them there leftwingnut trolls?

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AH YES, LEFTWINGNUT TROLLS. I sup­pose they’re there, but they have to wait until I ad­dress old-fashioned, mod­erate Re­pub­li­cans. If they have a pres­ence or a voice on Face­book and other so­cial media on the In­ternet, it’s hard to find. Or it’s there but drowned out by the ubiq­ui­tous and rabid rightwingnuts and their bel­li­cose blath­er­ings and intellectually-challenged ‘opin­ions.’ READ MORE

rightwingnuts do it for free on facebook (hate free zone 2)

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RIGHTWINGNUTS DO IT FOR FREE is a follow-up of sorts to an ear­lier ar­ticle where I dis­cussed turning my Face­book page into a “rightwingnut hate free zone.” I did that so there will be NO MORE racist ho­mo­phobic misog­y­nistic Is­lama­phobic etcetera com­ments! Which doesn’t mean those folk aren’t oth­er­wise ubiq­ui­tous on Face­book and across the In­ternet. READ MORE

on being misinformed and yet always being “right”

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THIS ONE’S EASY-PEASY: I don’t ac­tu­ally have to pick a topic, do hours of re­search, ra­ti­o­ci­nate my way through the data, and then spend hours writing and rewriting all, and then more hours poring over photos for il­lus­tra­tions! I don’t re­ally even have to much writing with this one. 1

All I re­ally have to do here on this piece about being will­ingly mis­in­formed is to type out a few opening para­graphs and then copy and paste some photos from someone else’s web­site! READ MORE

mentally ill panhandler plots downfall of da big apple (embedded in ice, part 2)

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I WAS UP ALL NIGHT WRITING. Up all night be­cause I hardly sleep in my dod­dering old age. Again. And without the ben­efit of caf­feine, as I cut my in­take by half two weeks ago. The ar­ticle I was working on con­cerned the rush to pub­lish the al­leged ‘facts’ about the al­leged ISIS ter­rorist Emanuel Lutchman by major and minor ‘media.’ READ MORE