hey! you! get off of my arm!

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MY CAT, GADJI, has been dis­cov­ering the many and varied places that she can lie down in her new house, which we moved into on the first of June. Re­cently she found a new place that is ap­par­ently better than being atop the pile of boxes in Berni’s studio, or in the smooth bottom of the bath tub in the un­used master bath­room (un­used be­cause we prefer the shower in the sec­ondary bath­room), or the warmth of an un­made bed READ MORE

what the fuck part 2 (an etymological look at everyone’s favorite four-letter word)

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THE WORD THAT INSPIRED the term “four-letter word” is con­sid­ered among the foulest of words in the Eng­lish lan­guage. That alone guar­an­tees it a place in the lex­icon beg­ging to be re­searched. And that word is fuck. And finding out all about fuck is not all that easy a thing to do …

I am a child of the post-WWII baby boom; that is, the orig­inal boom that oc­curred in the years after the war. READ MORE