is “voter fraud” a new political buzzword in the rightwing blogosphere?

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WELCOME TO SIDE 4. Follow in your book and re­peat after me as we learn three new terms in Turkish: ‘buzz­word,’ ‘voter fraud,’ and ‘viral news story.’ Ex­cel­lent! Now, be­fore we go any fur­ther in the book, I have here a bit of back­ground on two topics: voter-fraud and pop­ular Amer­ican po­lit­ical buzz-words.

Then we will stroll through a day in the life of a viral ‘news story’ (the quote marks should tell you that they’re not re­ally sto­ries with fac­tual news) as it wends its way through the rightwingnut bl­o­gos­phere and finds its way into the wel­coming em­brace of FoxNews and maybe even to the bosom of corporate/mainstream media. READ MORE