we are each of us a fading gigolo or fading gigolette

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BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO opened its first stores in the 1980s, renting movies as both Beta and VHS cas­sette tapes. Stan­dard pro­ce­dure then was to re­move the cas­sette from the orig­inal card­board box and in­sert the tape into a black plastic box. Block­buster then wrapped their own covers around the box: the com­pany name was on the front, the movie title on the spine, and a brief syn­opsis of the movie on the back. READ MORE

why mariel hemingway’s new revelation about woody allen doesn’t matter

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“WOODY ALLEN IS A PREDATOR.Or so screams out from the Salon web­site posted on March 26, 2015. The sub-title is “Why Mariel Hemingway’s new rev­e­la­tion mat­ters,” and it is meant to grab my attention—and it has. It also send chills up my spine and should yours also, whether you’re in the “I knew it!” READ MORE

the mia-dylan neverending story (and “the character assassination of woody allen” – part 3)

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I WROTE A PIECE on this bit of media and In­ternet brouhaha on Jan­uary 18, 2014, and ti­tled it “the char­acter as­sas­si­na­tion of woody allen in the media con­tinues as ig­no­rance and opinion trump facts.” (And I do not con­sider the world­wide web a part of the “media.”). The title of my piece should tell you all you need to know on my stance—nothing has changed since then: there are NO new facts, meaning NO facts at all sup­porting the claims of ei­ther Mia or Dylan Farrow. READ MORE

if you’re not with me, then you must be against me (the character assassination of woody allen part 2)

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I WROTE a stand­alone piece on this bit of media/internet brouhaha con­cerning the nev­erending accusations-without-evidence against Woody Allen on Jan­uary 18, 2014. I ti­tled it “the char­acter as­sas­si­na­tion of woody allen in the media con­tinues as ig­no­rance and opinion trump facts.” And, no, I do not con­sider the world­wide web a part of the “media,” and that word can be read as syn­ony­mous with “main­stream media”: the major tele­vi­sion and radio shows and news­pa­pers and mag­a­zines. READ MORE

the character assassination of woody allen in the media continues as ignorance and opinion trump facts

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I JUST STUMBLED over an ar­ticle ti­tled “The Woody Allen Story We Need To Stop For­get­ting” by Kelsey Miller for the Refinery29 web­site. (Jan­uary 13, 2014). First, if you are going to read this posting of mine, please click on over to Ms. Miller’s ar­ticle and read it in its en­tirety first. Then come back here and read. READ MORE

john ford and woody allen and stanley kubrick (and clint eastwood)

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TWO OF MY FAVORITE DIRECTORS are John Ford and Woody Allen. For the former, think Harry Carey and Henry Fonda and John Wayne. Men’s and wom­en’s men. For the latter, think Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow and Diane Wiest and Mira Sorvino and Scar­lett Jo­hansson and Pene­lope Cruz. Men’s and wom­en’s women.

Mr. Ford made his male leads fa­mous while Mr. READ MORE