wordpress publish button is like a gun with the safety off

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FOR THOSE READERS who have their own Word­Press sites, I as­sume you oc­ca­sion­ally do what I (alas) con­sis­tently do: mis­tak­enly click the Pub­lish button on the right side of your Edit Post work page when you meant to click the Save Draft button. To over­state the sit­u­a­tion: leaving the Pub­lish button ex­posed is like leaving a gun lying around with the safety off. READ MORE

a glossary of terms for understanding wordpress

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WORDPRESS. I don’t write about it be­cause I am not tech­ni­cally qual­i­fied to say much. All my sites were built by me using Word­Press and are main­tained by me. I was able to follow most di­rec­tions, even though many were poorly written. It took too much time and was un­nec­es­sarily dif­fi­cult and frustrating—five years and five blogs later and I am still a novice who is con­tin­u­ally con­founded! READ MORE

oops! I do not think that means what you think it means

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THE HEADLINE caught my at­ten­tion, as it was sup­posed to: “Ad­vanced OOP For Word­Press.” As should be ob­vious to most people fa­miliar with news­paper, mag­a­zines, and now on­line ar­ti­cles, the head­line is usu­ally the first thing that most readers see in any ar­ticle. Con­se­quently, it is usu­ally the first thing they read. READ MORE

posting online ain’t the same as being in print

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REGARDING POSTING ONLINE, in re­sponse to having the of­fi­cial Elvis Presley web­site at Grace­land picking up one of my articles—which I trum­peted loudly to family and friends via Face­book and email—my friend Stephanie Locke posted a nice com­ment on my A Touch Of Gold site: “Good to see Umphred back in print.”

In­stead of simply ac­cepting the com­ment, I re­sponded with, “Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t con­sider being pub­lished on­line as being in print. READ MORE

mystical liberal loves long walks in the city in the rain

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A LOT IS ASKED OF MYSTICAL LIBERALS! The latest is my cat now wakes me up at four o’­clock. In the morning. She does this after failing to rouse Berni. El gato loco has fi­nally re­al­ized that nothing rouses Princess Berni when she’s asleep (ex­cept the oc­ca­sional pea that I place be­neath her side of our double-thick futon).  READ MORE

a free plug for modern themes and readit pro

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Reg­ular readers will no­tice that I have changed the look of Neal Umphred Dot Com: I re­placed the older theme (the Word­Press de­fault, Twenty Fif­teen) with the sleeker, more bal­anced, and all around love­lier Readit theme by Modern Themes. (There has been some ex­per­i­men­ta­tion: there was an in­terim look to this site that even more dra­matic but ul­ti­mately less sat­is­fying.) READ MORE

why wordpress books remind me of microsoft word manuals


I’M DOING THIS BLOGSITE with real little un­der­standing of the po­ten­tial­i­ties of Word­Press. I have Lisa Sabin-Wilson’s Word­Press For Dum­mies book, which has its plusses. I also have George Plum­ley’s Word­Press 24-Hour Trainer, which is sim­ilar but ad­dresses some is­sues better than the Dum­mies book.

I also refer to the many Word­Press in­struc­tion pages on­line.

Be­tween the three, I have learned a little …

Here’s an ex­ample of a problem that I have daily: the “Ex­cerpts” op­tion. READ MORE