to trade or not to trade

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TO TRADE OR NOT TO TRADE, that is the ques­tion. To­day’s Seattle Times (July 19, 2003) has a piece ti­tled “Mariners Tough Spot: To Trade Or Not?” by the pa­per’s reg­ular base­ball re­porter, Larry Stone (page C1): the Seattle Mariners, may NOT make any trades in the fore­see­able fu­ture. This de­spite the fact that they seem to be on their way to an­other season of 90 losses.

The M’s are a hap­less or­ga­ni­za­tion (do I want to use “in­com­pe­tent” or some­thing sim­ilar here in­stead of “hap­less”?), es­pe­cially at the top—and I am re­fer­ring to own­er­ship and the gen­eral man­ager. It seems they are al­ways re­building, yet al­ways picking up vet­eran players with no value in the fu­ture when the younger players blossom (hope­fully).

“It’s quite conceivable—indeed, even probable—that the Mariners re­ally don’t want to delve into whole­sale trading, with all the pos­sible ram­i­fi­ca­tions,” sayeth Mr. Stone. While his piece deals re­al­is­ti­cally with both sides of sev­eral ar­gu­ments, I have only one side to argue: trade those vets that have REAL value but make re­ally HARD trades.

If the Mariners want to have yet an­other youth move­ment, go for it 100% and see what hap­pens three years from now.

Each player of value to a con­tending team should be traded for a re­place­ment player—an es­tab­lished major league player who can step right in and as­sume the traded play­er’s position—and at least one promising (young) rookie or a top AAA or AA prospect.

Forget the draft! Get players who ei­ther can play in the bigs NOW or, at least, can play in the mi­nors and look like they can play in the show later on!

As much as we all want to see Raul Ibanez break Ted Williams’ record for home runs by a 42-year old player (and Teddy Ball­game was my first sports hero as a kid), he is much more valu­able as trade-bait to a con­tending team that needs a batter with power to hit be­hind their clean-up batter.

Tempted as I am to write end­lessly about base­ball in gen­eral and the Mariners (or my beloved Phillies), I will end here by saying this: if the Mariners want to have yet an­other youth move­ment, go for it 100% and see what hap­pens three years from now. Even if the M’s stand pat and have a hel­luva second half—Stone says they will have to play .567 ball for the next 41 games to end the season as a .500 team!—my ar­gu­ment will still stand.

To trade or not to trade . . .

Go go, Mariners!!!

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Sounds as if the Mariners’ de­ci­sion makers fit the de­f­i­n­i­tion of “in­sanity!!!!”