yeah, but can donald trump do the clam?

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HOW COULD I RE­SIST THIS? Here is the story be­hind this image: over the weekend, Donald Trump posted an image (below) on his Truth So­cial site with this mes­sage: “For so many years, people have been saying that Elvis and I look alike. Now this pic has been going all over the place. What do you think?” 

Of course, count­less re­sponses have been made around the world, in­cluding on Truth So­cial. Ap­par­ently, most of them have been deroga­tory of the former pres­i­dent. Some re­sponses have been in the form of “art­work” such as the one that in­spired this brief post. 

The image of a mon­strously bloated Trump dressed up in Elvis-like at­tire (below) ac­com­pa­nied the ar­ticle “Seth Meyers pans Trump-Elvis look-alike post” by M.L. Nestel on the Raw Story web­site.  The image is cred­ited to Rox­anne Cooper.


Can Donald Trump do the clam: Image that Donald Trump posted on Social Truth compariing his looks to Elvis.
This is Donald Trump’s post on Truth So­cial along with the image he chose to ac­com­pany it.

But can Trump do the clam?

I re­member seeing Donald Trump on tele­vi­sion about thirty years ago and thinking, “What the hell is Elvis doing in a pizza com­mer­cial? Oh, wait—that’s not Elvis. That’s that guy with the tower in New York! Wow, they sure do look alike but can Donald Trump do the clam?”

A touch of gold

Should you want to read some things a wee bit more se­rious (and quite a bit lengthier), try my other blog, Elvis – A Touch Of Gold.


Can Donald Trump do the clam: caricature by Roxanne Cooper of Donald Trump dressed like Elvis..

FEA­TURED IMAGE: This is the en­tire image of Rox­anne Coop­er’s Trump-as-Elvis caricature. 

Wait—shouldn’t there be rings on his fin­gers and a TCB necklace? 

And Lawdy, Miss Clawdy, but where are the sideburns?



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