vapid vacuous mindless journalism in my mailbox

INCONCEIVABLE! This is what is passing for news in today’s rightwingnut media world of faux news or­ga­ni­za­tions and the ubiq­ui­tous blog­gers all over the In­ternet: “Rus­sell Brand la­bels ex-wife Katy Perry ‘vapid, vac­uous and plastic’ in doc­u­men­tary.” 1


Or my fave, the one that I re­ceived in my mailbox from an email newsletter: Ex-Husband Has Ex­tremely Harsh Words for Hillary-Supporting Pop Star Katy Perry”!


Ac­cording to this ar­ticle (and vari­a­tions of its are all over the rightie ‘news’ and blog­ging world), Mr Brand ref­ereed to his wife as a “vapid, vac­uous, plastic, con­structed, mind­less celebrity.”


Harsh in­deed.

Plus (PLUS!) (O!!!!my!!!!gawd!!!!) (fourth and final such ex­cla­ma­tion) Katy Perry is a HILLARY SUPPORTER!


Get it?


(O!!!!!my!!!!!gawd!!!!!) (I couldn’t help myself . . .)

Alack and alas, a wee bit of re­search shows that the string of ad­jec­tives above were taken from this brief state­ment: “I’m as­so­ci­ated with the very thing I de­test: vapid, vac­uous, plastic, con­structed, mind­less celebrity. . . . ‘Oh, who’s he?’ . . . ‘He’s mar­ried to Katy Perry.’ “

So, the “celebrity” he is de­scribing is his own fame as a co­me­dian and actor and loud­mouthed talk-show host and now socio-political gadabout!

Plus (PLUS!) he’s mar­ried to Katy Perry, so that be­comes part of the celebrity baggage.

Don’t be­lieve me? Check it out—you can go sit through the com­plete two-hour doc­u­men­tary here and look for the man saying the words:

BRAND: A SECOND COMING Doc­u­men­tary and Ret­ro­spec­tive with Ondi Timoner

Or you can just watch the three-minute trailer and hear the same words here:

BRAND: A Second Coming (Of­fi­cial Trailer)


Ei­ther way, what you will hear is Rus­sell Brand dis­cussing the life of empti­ness of the life of a celebrity—especially a suc­cessful celebrity at the height of his fif­teen min­utes of fame in Hollywood.

Oh, and I know only a little about Brand: I have seen a few clips of him on YouTube and have found him very in­tel­li­gent and very ar­tic­u­late if oc­ca­sion­ally sinking into the brash histri­onics that too many co­me­dians of the past few decades have found nec­es­sary to reach the hoi polloi.

I also saw him in the re­make of Arthur (2011), a minor movie star­ring Dudley Brooks, Liza Min­nelli, and John Gielgud (1981). I thought Brand gave a more than able per­for­mance: the character’s ob­nox­ious­ness was ap­par­ently second na­ture to Brand, but his turn for the better after he dis­covers true love (in the guise of Greta Gerwig) was damn near sym­pa­thetic (and a bravo or two are in order here for the di­rector Jason Winner). The film could have been better, but I’ve had no problem rec­om­mending it—especially to Brand-haters—in the past couple of years. 2 3 4

BACK TO BASICS: Brand DID NOT call his ex-wife those words (need they be re­peated again?), and if he did, it ain’t news ‘news’!

It’s Celebrity Gossip 101 ‘news’! 5 6

But what do you ex­pect from the people who brought you the ‘news’ that Romney would beat Obama de­ci­sively . . .



1   I chose this ex­clam­a­tory opening be­cause I wanted to see the rarely used first letter of my last name in big bold print at the top of this page. And former rightwing hatchet-man David Brock of Media Mat­ters refers to as the ‘Rep*blican Noise Ma­chine.’

2   Plus (PLUS!) (Oh!my!!gawd!!!) Arthur has Jen­nifer Garner! (That’s not ironic: I have had a crush on her since my wife forced me to watch 13 Going on 30 al­most ten years ago. Hell, I think Elektra is one of the best comic book cos­tumed hero movies, and I en­joyed Butter—a movie that ap­par­ently only Berni and I have ever seen.)

3   Arthur is also blessed with the pres­ence of Helen Mirren.

4   Whew! I needed to get that out.

5   Wait!??! What about Hillary Clinton? I forgot her! Ap­par­ently, so did the ‘con­ser­v­a­tive’ jour­nal­ists in their bated breath­less­ness over having THIS to write about Brand and his new­found ca­reer as po­lit­ical junkie with left­wing as­pi­ra­tions. Oh, well.

6   Wait!??! Am I missing some­thing? OMG! (See, I do know In­ternet ab­bre­vi­a­tions.) Do these less-than-librull media people in­tend to en­ter­tain while elu­ci­dating? Well, Hell’s Belles, if so let one of them make that ar­gu­ment else­where about this not being vapid vac­uous mind­less journalism . . .

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My humble opinion is that this post puts YOU in con­tention for the in­terweb rein­car­na­tion of Will Rogers. After all, what else is there to a be­lief system?
Just don’t go all Willey Post on us… I wanna do the flying!

Yes, Helen Mirren and Jen­nifer Garner.

Well, duh.

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