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HIP HIP HURRAH! I just launched a new Face­book page ti­tled “Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions.” Here is the de­scrip­tion that I posted in the ABOUT sec­tion at the top of the BHLP page: Wel­come to the Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions Page on Facebook.

“This page is de­voted to col­lecting the many pe­ti­tions that I re­ceive every day via email for is­sues that the other side often refers to as “bleeding heart lib­eral.” These pe­ti­tions usu­ally deal with man’s in­hu­manity to­wards man and the world in which we live, or the lack of con­cern for or aware­ness of the plight of the world in which we live and share the same land, air, water, and other resources.

Is­sues in­clude but are not lim­ited to en­vi­ron­mental con­cerns, en­dan­gered species, ex­ploited and down­trodden mi­nori­ties, and in the case of the working class, ex­ploited and down­trodden ma­jori­ties. This page will seen to be ex­tremely sym­pa­thetic to the count­less pe­ti­tions filed by in­di­vid­uals with in­di­vidual is­sues and concerns.”

What is a Bleeding Heart Liberal?

Aside from in­tended sar­casm from a righty, the Urban Dic­tio­nary de­fines a bleeding heart lib­eral as “A person who is con­sid­ered ex­ces­sively sym­pa­thetic to­ward those who claim to be un­der­priv­i­leged or exploited.”

Wikipedia’s de­f­i­n­i­tion is even more con­de­scending (the de­f­i­n­i­tion, not the Wiki ed­i­tors): “A bleeding heart is an in­formal label ap­plied to someone re­garded as ex­ces­sively sym­pa­thetic, of having sym­pathy without warrant.”

Please reread those: if you be­lieve that it is pos­sible to be “ex­ces­sively sym­pa­thetic” to “un­der­priv­i­leged or ex­ploited” people, an­i­mals, the en­vi­ron­ment, etc., then this is prob­ably NOT the page you want to be on here at Facebook.

Whose side are we on anyway?

As one side of the po­lit­ical chasm in the US (rep­re­sented by one of two major par­ties that dom­i­nate na­tional pol­i­tics) usu­ally deem these is­sues in­signif­i­cant, there will be few if any pe­ti­tions es­pousing any of their causes on this page.

As the other side often ei­ther ac­tively sup­ports many of these causes or at least ap­pears to sup­port them through rep­u­ta­tion, past per­for­mances, or mere lip ser­vice, this page will ap­pear to be a mouth­piece for that party.

It is not.

If the US ever moves to a more rep­re­sen­ta­tional democ­racy with “third par­ties” elec­table to na­tional positions—thereby ac­tu­ally giving voice to non-corporate concerns—then this would cer­tainly be a page that sup­ported a “progressive”/”green” party plat­form. (Do NOT hold your breath in an­tic­i­pa­tion of this change.)

Be­lieve it or not, na­tional sur­veys and polls cov­ering “cur­rent events (mainly po­lit­ical and so­cial is­sues) that present the ques­tions or true-and-false state­ments in a clean, non-slanted manner gen­er­ally find that as many (often most) of those who deem them­selves “con­ser­v­a­tive” ac­tu­ally side with lib­erals on most issues!!!

The Tea Party is learning this right now in re­gards to the min­imum wage issues—as most voters who as­so­ciate them­selves with the TP are working class, they and their fam­i­lies stand to ben­efit greatly by in­creased wages, yes?

Who can post what

Anyone and everyone is wel­come to post a pe­ti­tion on Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions! Anyone and everyone is wel­come to post their opin­ions (as long as they are fact-based) about the is­sues on­Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions. Anyone and everyone is en­cour­aged to sign the pe­ti­tions on Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions and share them on your own Face­book page.

Fi­nally, I re­ally don’t know much about “net­working” Face­book, so if you have any ad­vice as to how to make this page more “vis­ible” (you know, more visits, more “likes,” more every­thing pos­i­tive) please do not hes­i­tate to post your sug­ges­tions here on Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Petitions!

Drawing of the heartless Ebenezer Scrooge with bleeding heart Bob Cratchit by artist Ronald Searle.

FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page is of Ebenezer Scrooge with Bob Cratchit as in­ter­preted by artist Ronald Searle. The miserly, heart­less, arch-capitalist Scrooge is, of course, the an­tithesis of a bleeding heart liberal—at least, until his vis­i­ta­tions from the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and fu­ture and he has a change of heart. After which, “it was al­ways said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive pos­sessed the knowledge.”

If man is to sur­vive, he will have learned to take a de­light in the es­sen­tial dif­fer­ences be­tween men and be­tween cul­tures. He will learn that dif­fer­ences in ideas and at­ti­tudes are a de­light, part of life’s ex­citing va­riety, not some­thing to fear.” – Gene Roddenberry 


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