what if we raised the minimum wage to $12

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YEAH YEAH YEAH! We all know the rant about how the cor­po­ra­tions would just pass the cost of the in­creased wages onto their cus­tomers (That’s you and me, son. That’s an us!) and we would all be . . . well, you know! So, let’s use the world’s largest non-government em­ployer as an ex­ample, here’s the downside:

If every Wal­mart in the US paid every em­ployee a min­imum wage of $12 an hour and in turn passed that cost onto their cus­tomers, it would in­crease the total cost of an av­erage buying spree at Wal­mart by—are you sit­ting down?—all of 1.1%.

That’s one-point-one percent.

Now, for those readers with even a touch of in­nu­meracy, that means a wee bit more than one penny per one dollar spent. So, if you spend $20 at Wal­mart NOW, if the com­pany raised their em­ployees to $12 an hour, you would have to pay $20.22 for the same pur­chase AFTER the wage increase.

The up­side: hun­dreds of thou­sands of Wal­mart em­ployees would have mil­lions and mil­lions of dol­lars MORE per year to spend in and on the economy (which is al­ways good), some of which could end up in your pocket, di­rectly or in­di­rectly (which is al­ways better than good)!

So, what if we raised the fed­eral min­imum wage to $12 an hour?

As I tell everyone that I argue with LOOK IT UP! After all, that’s why GOD gave com­puters to Man . . .


DollarBill copy

DollarBill copy

HEADER IMAGE: Raising the fed­eral min­imum wage by these two bucks could help mil­lions of Amer­i­cans live a some­what more se­cure life and it would boost the economy im­mensely. So think what would happen if we raised it to $15 an hour . . .


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