another example of what not to do when publishing

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EXAMPLES OF what not to do when pub­lishing your work comes in pub­lished form all the time and I thought I would pass this one on as an­other note for writers. I re­ceived this bit of spam this morning and just thought that I would pass it on as a lesson in how not to write a letter—or any­thing else other than a title.

This Mes­sage Might Meet You In Ut­most Sur­prise. How­ever, It’s Just My Ur­gent Need For For­eign Partner That Made Me To Con­tact You For This Trans­ac­tion. I Got Your Con­tact From Burkina Faso Cham­bers Of Com­merce While I Was Searching For A For­eign Partner. I As­sured Of Your Ca­pa­bility And Re­li­a­bility To Cham­pion This Busi­ness Op­por­tu­nity When I Prayed To God Or Allah About You. 

It went on like that for sev­eral more para­graphs. Cap­i­tal­izing the first letter of every word DOES NOT heighten the im­por­tance or im­pact of your words. The human eye/brain con­nec­tion hates it, so it just an­noys the hell out of your hoped-for reader(s)!

Need­less To Say, I Did Not Re­spond To The Good Doc­tor’s Offer.

PS1: I love the first eight words in the email (“This mes­sage might meet you in ut­most sur­prise”) but I have no idea of what the mes­sage’s feel­ings were when it met me, but it showed no sur­prise, ut­most or otherwise.

PS2: The “I Love Ty­pog­raphy” image at the top of this page was lifted from the page “Ty­pog­raphy ba­sics: fonts can be fun” by Ka­te­rina Kolambet.





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