saddam’s wmd found in syria! (didn’t we just do this?)

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HOLY DRONES ABROAD! Sad­dam’s WMD found in Syria!??! (Didn’t we just do this?!!?) The head­line in yes­ter­day’s TruthOut newsletter (Au­gust 25, 2013) was “UN Ex­perts in Syria to visit site of poison gas at­tack.” I posted a link to the ar­ticle on Face­book ac­com­pa­nied by this retort:

“Oh, right! Now we’re sup­posed to trust those UN guys who couldn’t find any bloody weapons of mass de­struc­tion, forcing us to in­vade Iraq! Hey, I re­member if no­body else does . . .”

That post was fol­lowed an hour later by a second Face­book posting from me that blared:


Holy drones at home!

I wrote the sen­tence in the pre­vious post (that starts with “Oh, right!” below) while sip­ping my first cuppa coffee and glancing at the emailed newslet­ters that I had re­ceived yes­terday and today.

While pecking at the keys, I heard the thump of my news­paper landing at my doorstep. Here is the head­line in to­days Seattle Times (Au­gust 26, 2013): “Syria agrees to in­spec­tion, but U.S. says it’s too late.”

Holy Drones At Home! George W. Bush and the Project for a New Amer­ican Cen­tury have pos­sessed Pres­i­dent Obama! It’s bloody Iraq all over! All we need is a re­turn en­gage­ment from April Glaspie to make this per­fect. 1

Pencil dicks aside, to be fair to both Bush and Obama, each pres­i­dent MUST meet the in­sa­tiable needs of the US mil­i­tary in­dus­trial com­plex, re­gard­less of his cam­paign promises.

I ac­knowl­edge that, like prob­ably every other person in the world I have no idea what oc­curred in Syria. But if they are opening up their country to an in­de­pen­dent in­spec­tion by the United Na­tions, that alone tells me that some­thing is not kosher with the saber-rattling news-bits that have been cir­cu­lating in the US media and on the Internet.

Twisted intelligence? 

The fol­lowing is from an ar­ticle ti­tled “How In­tel­li­gence Was Twisted to Sup­port an At­tack on Syria” by Gareth Porter for Truthout (Sep­tember 3, 2013):

“Sec­re­tary of State John Kerry as­sured the public that the Obama administration’s sum­mary of the in­tel­li­gence on which it is basing the case for mil­i­tary ac­tion to punish the Assad regime for an al­leged use of chem­ical weapons was put to­gether with an acute aware­ness of the fi­asco of the 2002 Iraq WMD in­tel­li­gence estimate.

Nev­er­the­less, the un­clas­si­fied sum­mary of the in­tel­li­gence as­sess­ment made public Au­gust 30, 2013, uti­lizes mis­leading lan­guage evoca­tive of the in­fa­mous Iraq estimate’s de­cep­tive phrasing. The sum­mary cites sig­nals, geospa­tial and human source in­tel­li­gence that pur­port­edly show that the Syrian gov­ern­ment pre­pared, car­ried out and ‘con­firmed’ a chem­ical weapons at­tack on Au­gust 21. And it claims vi­sual ev­i­dence ‘con­sis­tent with’ a nerve gas attack.

But a careful ex­am­i­na­tion of those claims re­veals a se­ries of con­vo­lut­edly worded char­ac­ter­i­za­tions of the in­tel­li­gence that don’t re­ally mean what they ap­pear to say at first glance.

The doc­u­ment dis­plays mul­tiple in­di­ca­tions that the in­tegrity of the as­sess­ment process was se­ri­ously com­pro­mised by using lan­guage that dis­torted the in­tel­li­gence in ways that would jus­tify an at­tack on Syria.”

That this looks al­most EXACTLY like a re­play of Bush and Iraq in 2003 should alert even the lowest of “low in­for­ma­tion voters” to po­ten­tial less-than-subtle sub­terfuge and more of the same, this time from a “lib­eral” (hoo-hah!) De­mo­crat in­stead of the usual com­pas­sion­ately con­ser­v­a­tive Re­pub­lican. 2



1   If you do not know who April Glaspie is, you prob­ably should not have an opinion on any­thing in­volving the US in the Middle East during the past thirty years or so . . .

2   This post was in­spired by my friend Eric Locke. And fi­nally, to quote a bril­liant cur­mud­geon of the last cen­tury, “So it goes . . .”


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