can’t see what forest for whose trees?

Fellow voters, Rep*blicans and Democrats alike: we have all heard someone say, “There’s no difference between the candidates for either party.” Have you noticed that the only people who ever say anything that naïve are people who don’t vote?

“There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties!” George Wallace said that in 1966, but he was rarely correct about much of anything and he certainly isn’t correct about that.

I certainly know that there is a difference between my views on things and those of any Rep*blican voter out there.

And I know that should there be any Rep*blican-voters reading my site (ho ho ho), they certainly know that there’s a difference between their views on things and those of any Democratic voter out there.

So, what is it? Are those of us who have chosen sides simply gotten too close to the trees to see the forest, or are the non-voters among us simply so overwhelmed by the forest that they can’t see the trees anymore? Or “Can’t see what forest for whose trees?”

NOTE: The painting at the top of this page is “You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees” by Marcel Odenbach (2003). I found it at Sophie Munn’s Visual Eclectica blog, a very cool site worth a visit or two . . .


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